Lavender weeks in Tihany

Lavender weeks in Tihany

Available from 19 June to 4 July 2022

Discover the lavender-covered Tihany Peninsula! Visit the lavender fields, where you can also pick the flowers for yourself, taste the lavender food and drinks. Book your accommodation as soon as possible to make sure you choose the best one for you!

In our 'Lavender weeks' offer

  • Free ticket to the Tihany Lavender House and the lavender plantation of the Balaton Uplands National Park
  • Lavender gift box in the room.
  • Dinner offers traditional lavender food and drinks.

Program offer

  • Lavender picking, traveling with the small train to the lavender field.
  • Children’s lavender pillow, badge, floral ornament making
  • Adults lavender sauna séance.

5 days 4 nights up to



Remaining time of pre-booking








Our offer includes:

  • Spa and wellness: swimming pool, saunas, jacuzzis, adventure pool with shoulder showers, water mushrooms, underwater buzzers, steam cabin
  • Outdoor sports fields: beach soccer, beach volleyball, outdoor chess, table tennis, badminton, streetball, use of outdoor fitness equipment (subject to availability and weather, Nordic Walking poles are available free of charge at the reception for hiking in the area)