101 ideas

  1. Visit the Tihany Abbey
  2. Walk up to the village
  3. Watch a mesmerising Balaton sunset
  4. Visit the Lavendar House
  5. Visit the current exhibit at the Kogart House
  6. Take a hike on the island
  7. Go in search of the hermit houses
  8. Listen to the sound of your yells on Echo Hill
  9. Take the miniature railway 
  10. Rent a mountain bike
  11. Learn how to surf 
  12. Learn how to windsurf 
  13. Take a long swim in Lake Balaton 
  14. Take a trip on the ferry
  15. Taste the renowned Lake Balaton zander  
  16. Rent a paddle boat
  17. Go horseback riding
  18. Visit our fitness area
  19. Enjoy our sauna
  20. Relax under the hands of our masseuses
  21. Pamper yourself at our Beauty Farm
  22. Watch a movie about Hungary
  23. Learn a few words in Hungarian 
  24. Taste our excellent Hungarian wines 
  25. Go fishing
  26. Try the giant slide
  27. Learn Club dancing 
  28. Watch the Evening Show 
  29. Watch the Children's Show
  30. Have you ever experienced Tibetan singing bowl massage? Go ahead, indulge yourself.
  31. Visit the Hungarian Puszta 
  32. Try your hand at archery
  33. Go for an outdoor workout 
  34. Try your hand at minigolf 
  35. Take tennis lessons
  36. Play squash 
  37. Organise a bowling team 
  38. Play a game of darts 
  39. Visit the Heartshaped Tombstone in Balatonudvari
  40. Discover the Lóczy cave
  41. Visit the Water Mill in Örvényes
  42. Enjoy a night on the disco boat 
  43. Take a car tour around the Balaton Uplands area.
  44. Go birdwatching by the Outer Lake 
  45. Take a hike to the Geyser Cones 
  46. Take a walk in the Veszprém Castle
  47. Watch a movie at the Fövenyes outdoor movie theatre 
  48. Enjoy a wine tasting 
  49. Watch the surfers at Sajkod
  50. Go for a catamaran ride
  51. Taste authentic Hungarian goulash soup
  52. Have you ever been to the Füred Wine Week?
  53. Go kayaking on Lake Balaton 
  54. Drive to the Nagyvázsony Castle 
  55. Take a sightseeing boat ride on Lake Balaton
  56. Try the water skiing course in Füred
  57. Watch the Sümeg Castle Games
  58. Take a dip in the thermal waters of Hévíz
  59. Visit the Wildlife Park in Balatonfüred located in the Koloska Valley
  60. Take in the breathtaking Szigliget Panorama
  61. Ride by horse-drawn carriage through the Balaton Uplands National Park 
  62. Experience an authentic peasant wedding
  63. Take a sightseeing airplane ride
  64. Try our whirlpool 
  65. Relax on the beach
  66. Take your children to the Veszprém Zoo 
  67. Taste the culinary delicacies of our Beach Grill restaurant
  68. Play a game of beach volleyball
  69. Visit the Festetics castle in Keszthely 
  70. Find the grape mountain in Badacsony
  71. Discover the basalt organs
  72. Take a row boat on the Lake Cave of Tapolca
  73. Try bungee jumping in Siófokon 
  74. Visit the Herend Porcelain Museum 
  75. Enjoy a night out at the Butterfly nightclub 
  76. Learn how to dance
  77. Balatonfüred deserves an entire day
  78. Visit the Open-Air Ethnographic Museum in Tihany
  79. Go for a pony ride
  80. Get a new hairdo
  81. Try some of our medicinal treatments
  82. Organise a football team
  83. Try our indoor swimming pool 
  84. Take a water aerobics class
  85. Play board games
  86. Try the home-made delicacies at the Tihany Placc farmers’ market at the pier on Saturdays; it is worth it! 
  87. Showcase your singing skills at our karaoke nights 
  88. Enjoy an ice cream sundae at our Pool Drink Bar
  89. Play a match of ping-pong
  90. Try step aerobics
  91. Go on a Nordic Walking hike
  92. Go summer bobsledding in Balatonfűzfő 
  93. Enjoy an evening of fun at our beach party
  94. Go on a sailboat tour
  95. Visit the Aqua Park in Balatonfüred
  96. Learn how to play golf in Balatonudvari
  97. Take a bicycle tour around Lake Balaton
  98. Enjoy a cocktail next to Lake Balaton 
  99. Read a good book and enjoy the balmy summary nights
  100. Do not forget to get some small souvenirs for your friends 
  101. Please come visit us next year!

We wish all our guests a wonderful stay. 

For more information, contact our entertainers or our reception desk.
If you have any other ideas, do not hesitate to share them with us.