Other sporting options

The following sporting facilities and equipment are available at no extra charge for our guests, depending on availability:

  • Street ball
  • Badminton
  • Foot tennis
  • Beach volley ball
  • Beach footfall
  • Outdoor giant chess
  • Outdoor fitness equipment


In the context of our summertime adult entertainment programmes:

Aerobics, step aerobics, total body shaping, stretching, water aerobics, fit ball, spine gymnastics, Nordic Walking hikes, walking tours, archery


Sporting options in the area:

Golf :
Royal Balaton Golf&Yacht Klub – Balatonudvari – 15 km

Discover the natural treasures of the Tihany peninsula, awarded a European Diploma of Protected Areas, under the guidance of our experts. The Balaton Uplands National Park walking tours follow the Lóczy geyser, and offer various options at guests’ request. 

1./ Walk along the Tihany, Sajkod - Apát peak - Lavender fields - Nyereg mountain - Sajkod route. The place of departure can be accessed by special bus or the miniature railway located in the village. The group finishes at the point of departure. 

2./ Walk along the Kiserdő - Inner Lake - Aranyház - Family Recreational Park route. The point of departure can be accessed by regular bus. The group departs and arrives in the village. 

3./ Walk along the boat station - Ciprián spring - Hermit Houses - Óvár - Echo Hill route. The point of departure can be accessed by boat or regular bus. The group finishes the walk at the village of Tihany. 

On our tours, you will learn about the geological history of the peninsula, its cultural history and flora and fauna. 

The hike takes approx. 3 hours.
Prior appointment is necessary at least two weeks in advance. 


Horseback riding: ~ 2km

Myriad locations and clubs offer horseback riding in Hungary. However, the equestrian club located on the shore of the Tihany Inner Lake is unrivalled. What makes it special is not exquisite architecture or cutting edge technology, but conversely a respect for tradition that allows the horses, foals, donkeys and mules to thrive in their quasi natural habitat while our guests take in the beautiful panoramic scenery.


Adventure Park:
Adventure Island Tihany – 6 km

The Adventure Island features over 40 obstacles alongside a breathtaking view of Lake Balaton. Adventure Island Tihany is both an adventure park and much more.It boasts obstacle courses of three levels of difficulty, a jungle gym and semi-circular slide for a challenge and adventure, while the lush trees and Tihany’s protected environment offer peace and relaxation for both young and old.


Football fields (official) in the area: Central Tihany, Balatonfüred