we are glad you are finally here!

Plentiful choice of food

For breakfast and dinner, you can choose from wide range of different dishes, that you won’t be able to eat the same one for days – unless you really want to. We’ve made a special menu for kids, but vegetarians, gluten-sensitives, lactose intolerants will be fine too!

Programmes all day

There’s a programme for all ages, every day. A holiday full of experiences, Mum can sunbathe on the beach or beautify herself in the spa, Dad can dive into Lake Balaton and lie in the shade with a beer, and the kids only come out of the kids’ club in the evening…

princess and prince danced with us last year.

Mum and Dad will also rest

While the kids spend the day with the animation team, tired mums and dads can recharge their batteries with massages, beauty treatments and cold drinks.

Lower back pain? Gone!

An exercise that mobilises the joints of the spine and then strengthens the muscles that play a role in spinal stability, perfect for relieving and eliminating the pain of our seated lifestyle.



A new adventure every day in and around Tihany

Walk up the echoing back hill, have an ice cream in town, then go boating on the volcanic lake and visit the lavender factory. Discover the secrets of the peninsula – or just spend all Dad’s money on a thousand trinkets on the sidewalks… Every day is another adventure!


Rooms by the lake Balaton

You drink your coffee on the terrace, slip into your swimsuit, look out over Lake Balaton and go for a swim. After dinner, wine in hand, watch the sunset.

Forest chalets with birdsong

The sunlight breaks through the trees, you stretch out on the terrace and breathe in the fresh air. The chirping of birds greets you. After breakfast, you head for the beach, and in the evening, friends drop by.