Privacy notice

Club Tihany Zrt. (headquarters: 8237 Tihany, Rév u. 3. , company registration number: 19-10- 500016, tax number: 10187186-2-19, telephone number: +36 87 538 564, e-mail:,, fax: +36 87 538 516, represented by Tamás Károly, Managing Director), as the data controller, considers it important to its customers and all other natural persons concerned (hereinafter: Therefore, it hereby informs the data subjects that it respects the personal rights of the data subjects and acts in accordance with the substantive and procedural rules of Hungarian law in force, the Data Protection and Data Security Code in force at the time and other internal regulations.

This short Privacy Notice is a short extract of the Data Protection and Data Security Policy of the Data Controller (hereinafter: the Policy), which has been created with the purpose of providing data subjects with concise information on the most relevant data protection rules of the Data Controller. This Notice shall be considered as an annex to the Policy, and the provisions of the Policy and the relevant legislation shall prevail and be interpreted in conjunction with the Policy in relation to issues and topics not covered in the Notice. The full text of the Prospectus and the Rules and Regulations shall be permanently available at the actual place of processing, at No. 3, Rév, 8237 Tihany, Hungary.

Who are the data subjects?

Data subjects: a data subject is any natural person who is identified or identifiable, directly or indirectly, on the basis of any specified personal data, and whose data is processed by the Data Controller. The data subjects are therefore primarily customers, its own Staff, natural person Partners of the Controller, representatives, contacts, possibly other employees of non-natural person Partners of the Controller.