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Discovering Tihany

Tihany is the treasure chest of Lake Balaton. There are so many sights and places to visit that one day is simply not enough to explore all the wonders the town has to offer.

Sightseeing in Tihany

Watchtower lookout tower

The tower was built in the middle of the peninsula next to the lavender field, it was built upon the model of the former Roman watchtower, west of the outer Lake on Apáti Hill. There are wonderful panoramic views from which to explore the most famous points of the area.

Lavender field

The first lavender field was created by Gyula Bitter in the mid-1920s. Later, the lavender field began to decline, but from 1986, lavender cultivation on the peninsula gained new momentum and is now cultivated on nearly thirty acres.

Inner Lake

In the immediate vicinity of Tihany, the Inner Lake was formed as a result of volcanic activity. The environment is really idyllic; the background is adorned with the towers of the Benedictine abbey.

Landmarks in Tihany 

Benedictine Abbey

The Benedictine Abbey of Tihany was founded by our King Andrew I in 1055, and he was buried here in 1060. In the 16th century, the monks left the area and did not return until 1674. Due to a fire, renovations began in 1729, which was completed in 1754.

Echo Hill

Echo Hill is located at the end of the Pisky Promenade. The phenomenon of the 18th century, was established in the middle of the 19th century, when the Abbey was rebuilt. Words shouted from Echo Stone on Echo Hill bounce back from the north wall of the Abbey, 300 meters away, in a matter of seconds.

Lavender house

The Lavender House in Tihany presents the formation of the peninsula interactively and we can learn almost everything about lavender farming. Furthermore, we can get a comprehensive picture of the plants and animals of the area.

Gastronomic experiences in Tihany


The restaurant, which started with the slogan “Good food, No design”, aimed not to add to the looks, only to the food with fresh, quality ingredients. A few years have passed since then, and their new slogan is “Good Food, less Design!”, meaning they continue to focus on excellent ingredients and matching moderate and modern technology.

Address: 8237 Tihany, Kossuth u. 14.

Tihanyi Vinarius

The Tihany Vinarius was dreamed up again in the monumental building of the Tihany Abbey Cellar and Press House built in the 1820s. Originally built in a classicist style, the press house has been renovated and its interiors remodeled. Visitors can taste the best Hungarian wines and the special, handcrafted ones from around Lake Balaton.

Address: 8237 Tihany, Kiserdőtelepi út

Abbey Rege Confectionery

The confectionery, which was expanded with a seasonal kitchen in 2018, awaits its dear guests with breakfast and hot food in addition to locally made cakes between April and October. The Rege confectionery awaits visitors with a beautiful panorama of the peninsula on a floating terrace in the light of the rising sun – in the golden bridge. The patisserie is located at the foot of the Abbey.

Address: 8237 Tihany, Kossuth u. 22.

Tours on the peninsula

Small tour in the city

The historical center of Tihany can be walked comfortably in all seasons and in almost all areas. That is why we recommend that you do this minimum round. From the Abbey and the promenade there is a fantastic view of Lake Balaton and a series of gastronomic experiences appear during the walk.

Tour stations: Main Square – Abbey – Echo Hill – Main Square

Heart tour of Lake Balaton

A circular tour that connects the most amazing lookout points and the most interesting points of the peninsula. The moderately difficult hike climbs the geyser cones by touching the idyllic Inner Lake, then climbs through the Geyser Field to the highest peaks in the western part of the peninsula, returning to the village by the Outer Lake, offering a lavish view.

Tour stations: Abbey – Inner Lake – Hármas-hegyi cone – Aranyház-geyser cone – Gateway-cave – Kalapos -kő – Hálóeresztő – Szarkádi-forest – Gurbicza-roof – Csúcs-hegy – Nyereg-hegy – Apáti-hegy – Inner Lake – Abbey

Nordic walking

There are several Nordic walking tours from Club Tihany, where we can discover the hidden treasures of the peninsula. Nordic walking combines the benefits of walking, running and cross-country. An important difference compared to walking is the use of sticks, which give dynamics, rhythm and also intensively work the muscles of the upper body.

Tour stations: Club Tihany – Aranyház-geyser cone – Hármas-hegyi cone – Inner lake – Club Tihany