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Those looking for active recreation and those who want to relax are welcome with a variety of programs at Club Tihany.


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Club Tihany’s adult sports activities are provided by the TripleX spine protection programme, which guarantees a spine-friendly sporting and recreational experience for hotel guests.

The TripleX spine protection programme was developed by Csilla Almásy, a spine therapist, physiotherapist, the country’s best-known spine trainer and expert, and founding president of the National Spine Protection Association. She has vast experience in both preventive fitness training and treatment: she has been leading spinal training programmes for more than 15 years and is also a physiotherapist treating spinal disorders. She is the creator and main organiser of the hugely successful NATIONAL SPINAL GYMNASTICS event series.

The TripleX spine programme offers opportunities for spine-conscious exercise, from gentle re-educational exercises, to mindful stabilising workouts, to sweaty fitness training. The TripleX trainers are all state-qualified, highly trained sports instructors and physiotherapists who you can contact with any questions you may have after the session.

Csilla Almásy

spine therapist, physiotherapist

She has extensive experience in both preventive, fitness training and therapeutic exercise. He is Hungary’s best known spine trainer, the creator and main organiser of NATIONAL SPINAL GYMNASTICS event series.

The different types of classes in the programme are as follows

TripleX spine gymnastics - Spine training creatively!

It is an exercise that mobilises the joints of the spine and strengthens the muscles involved in spinal stability, which is perfect for improving posture, alleviating and eliminating the pains caused by a sedentary lifestyle. The class consists of a precise sequence of standing and floor exercises. The physical and mental relaxation is enhanced by pleasant music.

TripleX mobility - Total rebirth!

A full-body mobilising class with dynamic stretching exercises, the main aim of which is to develop tissue flexibility for free and healthy movement. It is more than stretching, but mostly comparable to it. However, here the stretches are performed dynamically with continuous movements. Going from the unencumbered position to full load is a very effective class, which in itself can be used to reduce musculoskeletal pain.

TripleX stability (spinal stabilisation) - Be in maximal balance!

The class consists of exercises to tighten the muscles around the waist and improve the stability of the spine. It is a very consciously structured movement programme, one muscle chain at a time. The class uses a variety of equipment, which plays an important role in improving coordination, but also adds colour to the exercise. Regular practice will build tight, strong muscles around the waist, developing the stabilising function of the deep muscles.

TripleX drill shaping, strengthening class - Strength and shape with gerinc tudatosan!

It is also advisable to get stronger and leaner while protecting the spine as much as possible. This is the purpose of the TripleX drill class, where we combine mobilisation, strengthening, balance and coordination exercises in a sweat workout. The higher intensity exercises also train the circulatory system and the heart. Complex body development with maximum joint and spine protection!

3D Yoga - The flowing power!

A perfectly spine-friendly yoga practice that requires no extreme skill. It builds on simple and beneficial elements in a flowing way. Its main aim is to develop joint mobility and spinal flexibility and stability through traditional yoga elements, but it does not require any serious prior experience, as it focuses on prevention and the ease and efficiency of the flow between postures.

Water gymnastics - Cool splash and exercise!

The water gymnastics, held in the indoor pool by TripleX trainers, is a fun, thoroughly tiring but gentle on the joints. Of course, there’s also a big emphasis on moving the spine and developing core stability, which is helped by the excellent balance in the water. Guests with joint problems can also participate safely.

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