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Those looking for active recreation and those who want to relax are welcome with a variety of programs at Club Tihany.


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Club Tihany’s adult sports activities are provided by the TripleX spine protection programme, which guarantees a spine-friendly sporting and recreational experience for hotel guests.

The TripleX spine protection programme was developed by Csilla Almásy, a spine therapist, physiotherapist, the country’s best-known spine trainer and expert, and founding president of the National Spine Protection Association. She has vast experience in both preventive fitness training and treatment: she has been leading spinal training programmes for more than 15 years and is also a physiotherapist treating spinal disorders. She is the creator and main organiser of the hugely successful NATIONAL SPINAL GYMNASTICS event series.

The TripleX spine programme offers opportunities for spine-conscious exercise, from gentle re-educational exercises, to mindful stabilising workouts, to sweaty fitness training. The TripleX trainers are all state-qualified, highly trained sports instructors and physiotherapists who you can contact with any questions you may have after the session.

Csilla Almásy

spine therapist, physiotherapist

She has extensive experience in both preventive, fitness training and therapeutic exercise. He is Hungary’s best known spine trainer, the creator and main organiser of NATIONAL SPINAL GYMNASTICS event series.

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