Resort regulations

Dear Guests!

Please read these regulations and keep them in order to have a good time during your stay at Club Tihany.


    1. Preliminary reservations are governed by the rules of the Civil Code.
    2. The reception is not obliged to accept any claim to extend a stay unless previously agreed Guests are informed about it until 10:00 am on the day in question.
    3. Guests may use the services offered by Club Tihany in line with the current relevant regulations. Unregistered guests are not allowed to stay at Club Tihany. The payment for services may be requested prior to commencement of stay.
    4. The accommodation price of a bungalow or hotel room includes a stay in the room between 4:00 pm until 10:00 am on the following day. Please notify the reception on your intention to leave before 10:00 Should you fail to do so or not leave your room or bungalow until 10:00 am, we may charge you an extra night. In case of a longer stay, the reception is entitled to ask for payment every 3rd day.
    5. Guests are required to use the room and the bungalow appropriately and use electrical appliances that belong to the Club Tihany (except the electric razors).
    6. Do not keep flammable material or waste, or do not make fire in your room (do not smoke in bed, do not throw out burning cigarette or matches, etc.).
    7. In case of fire, please leave your room immediately and follow the shortest escape route indicated. Do not use the elevator in case of fire.
    8. Guests shall be obliged to compensate for any damages that result from no appropriate use, negligence or purposefulness.
    9. Upon payment the Club Tihany is legally entitled to exercise lien in order to ensure the settlement of account and claim for compensation.
    10. Please keep the order and calmness of the Club Tihany especially at night-time and at dawn.
    11. Our hotel is a completely NO-SMOKING HOTEL (rooms and their balconies included). Please smoke only in the designated places. Please put the cigarette stub in the ashtray or pick it up.
    12. Use the air conditioner only by closed doors and windows else we must shut it off.
    13. Do not put the suite of furniture outdoors, because the sunshine and the rain can harm it.
    14. Put the litter in the litter bin, please. There are special dumpsters for plastic and glass bottles in the area of Club Tihany, please, use them. Even if there will be a cleaning service upon your departure, please leave the rooms, bungalows it in order, especially the kitchen. Please close the windows and the doors as well.
    15. If you have pets with you, they must be registered at the reception and you can also request cleaning services and agree about the time of the cleaning. Your pets are welcome in the bungalow area and in the pet friendly hotel rooms. Taking them to other facilities (for example beach , restaurants…) is prohibited because of public health issues. Please keep your dog on leash by walking
    16. Guests may receive visitors with the knowledge and preliminary approval of the reception.
    17. Please leave your keys at the reception upon final departure. Compensation shall be charged for lost room cards. Room cards are valid from the time of arrival until 10:00 am of day of departure.
    18. The hotel is responsible for the damages caused by the loss, destruction or damage to the guest’s properties, except for the case when the damage has been caused by unavoidable cause beyond the control of the staff and guests of the hotel, or by the guest himself. Responsibility is hold for damages to properties placed by the guest or at locations designated for or generally used for this purpose, or have been handed over to an employee of the hotel who had been authorized to take over such property. The parking lot is not a guarded area; therefore the hotel does not assume responsibility for buses, passenger cars of properties left therein.
    19. The hotel is responsible only for values, stocks, and cash if they have been handed over to an employee of the hotel to keep it safe; or if such employee refused safekeeping.
    20. Please make your remarks and complaints to the management or at the reception.

                                                   We wish you a pleasant stay,         

    Management and Staff of Club Tihany CJSC