Spa & Wellness


Wellness experiences

At the Hotel Club Tihany you can not only indulge yourself in a peaceful holiday, but also try out a number of relaxing wellness treatments including medical and therapeutic ones as well. We wish that your stay is refreshing and rejuvinating.

Private beach on the shores of Lake Balaton

The 500 m long private beach is an ideal resting place for those who seek to be in nature close to the water. Sun loungers await our guests on our well-kept beach. There is also plenty of space for sun lovers and those who like to stay in shade will also find their perfect spot. Social distancing can be kept for safe and worry free vacation.

Small children’s pool

On the beach, in the shade of the trees, in the heated water, our youngest guests can enjoy their time under the supervision of their parents. (filled up depending on the weather). (Depth: 30-40 cm)

Swimming pool with panoramic view of Lake Balaton

The 24-26 degree water of is 1.3 m deep and 250 m long pool is excellent for sport lovers. The swimming pool is separated from the beach by a sliding glass wall. Thanks to the huge glass wall, our guests can also admire the beauty of Lake Balaton while swimming. Can be divided into 4 tracks on request.

Experience pool

The 28 -32 degree experience pool offers pleasant relaxation both in good weather and in bad: with neck showers, various massage jets and water mushrooms. Taking into account the needs of our dear guests who want to relax, children can use this service with parental supervision during the opening hours assigned for them.

Wellness Treatments


You get a little pampering!

Our expert staff will help you relax, eliminate fatigue, and treatments will help you to stay in shape. In case you need, it can also help you fight any excess weight, toxins that have accumulated in your body over time. During your fantastic treatments your body will start to regenerate and renew.


Choose from our slimming and revitalizing wellness treatments and return home refreshed and renewed!


Using a skin scrub containing sea salt crystals, the dead skin cells are removed with gentle movements, followed by a few minutes of relaxation and a short shower. At the end of the treatment, the whole body is smooth and moisturized.


Tired foot treatment

The treatment is very complex, consisting of several steps. In the first step, a special gel is applied to the foot, then, in the second step, the foot is completely wrapped with foil. The minerals in the gel stimulate many of the body’s essential functions. Its relaxing ingredients, which are very rich in magnesium, have a stress-relieving effect. Marine active ingredients make the skin soft and smooth.

Tired foot drainage treatment

The first phase of the multi-step treatment is to scrub the entire skin surface of the feet with a natural skin scrub of marine origin. This is followed by a real seawater spray that refreshes and removes dead skin cells. The next step is to moisturize the lower limbs with a refreshing gel. In further stages of the treatment, a solution containing essential oil, sea salt and trace elements are used. It ends with a gentle massage. The treatment eliminates the discomfort, relaxes and soothes the foot.


The essence of the program is the protection of the varicose veins and capillaries, the care of the swollen limbs, the calming of possible sprains and muscle stretches.

The creams used in the treatment contain chestnut and marigold extract as well as essential oils that have a vascular wall strengthening effect.


As a first step in the treatments, the entire skin surface of the body is peeled with a marine skin scrub. The skin is then activated and a wrap is applied, after which the body is covered with a special, warm blanket. The blanket temperature is set zone by zone. After resting, at the end of the treatment, the wrap is washed with an algae shower gel and the appropriate firming body lotion is applied to the skin.

Body shaping heat therapy – beautifying, healing, soothing

The treatment contains two types of algae: brown algae has a refreshing, beautifying and shaping effect, and red algae contains calcium and magnesium salts, which have a healing and nourishing effect. This combination has an excellent slimming effect, and the sea scent and deep green color guarantee a unique experience.

Triple Action Deep Heat Therapy – Mineral boost, Shaping, Firming

This treatment is very effective due to the mixture of the special algae complex contained in it, which is in a micronized form, that makes it easily absorbed and allows immediate release of its active ingredients. It is rich in minerals, especially iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium. For this reason, the treatment is not only mineral boosting but also shaping and firming.


The first step in the treatment is to scrub the entire skin surface of the body with a sea peel. Then comes the activation of the skin and then we apply the wrap. The body is then covered with a special deep warm blanket. The blanket temperature is adjusted for each patient on a zone-by-zone basis. The body wrap is washed with an algae shower gel, and then the body is moisturized with an activate nourishing cream to make the skin spectacularly soft and smooth. These treatment programs also include an energizing relaxing massage.


Amber and dandelion extract, as well as cypress and juniper essential oils provide a strong firming effect. The goal is to remove as much water, waste products, toxins as possible from the tissues as quickly as possible. The less excess water the tissue contains, the shorter the path from the capillary blood vessels to the cells. This allows for a more optimal cell supply.

Firming program against cellulite

Amber and dandelion extract, as well as cinnamon essential oils to ensure strong blood circulation to the skin and lower connective tissues. Metabolism is activated to amplify the breakdown of fatty cells and cellulite.

Relaxing back treatment

A sea mud wrap is applied to the skin surface, a back massage is performed with a special massage cream.

Relaxing, energetic head and face massage

During the facial massage, we energetically stimulate the affected area by consciously stimulating the meridians touching the face and head, as well as treating the acupressure points located on them. The main purpose of this – in addition to beauty care – is to cleanse the body of stress, fatigue and tension. As a result of the massage, the skin becomes fine and velvety, prevents the formation of wrinkles, can slow down the aging process, and detoxifies the connective tissue layer.


With the help of our pampering baths, you can relieve the accumulated stress and renew yourself both physically and mentally.


Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, according to the legend, tried to make her skin soft and fresh with milk bath and pick up the fight against aging. The bath named after her consists of a mixture of milk and vegetable oils. We take advantage of the nourishing effect of the minerals and oils that the milk contains.


During the treatment, in addition to the gentle massage of the swirling water, we use the natural power of sea salt. The skin will be fresh and velvety.


Herbs and essential oils are mixed with the bath water. During the treatment we take advantage of the beneficial physiological effect of the herbs. In addition to their soothing, relaxing or invigorating effect, they are excellent for stimulating blood circulation. In warm water, the active ingredients are more easily absorbed through the skin. In the bath enriched with aroma oils, the evaporating steam and fragrant essential oils ensure a pleasant feeling. The spa can also be used to relieve the symptoms of respiratory diseases.


Lavender has been grown in Tihany for a long time, but it originally came from the Mediterranean region. Lavender and essential oils are used both externally and internally. It soothes the nerves, soothes headaches, stomach aches and cramps, and has a mild antiseptic effect. It has a beneficial effect on female hormone functions. It is also suitable in  treating rheumatic pains.


This bath concentrates with all the active ingredients that are essential for refreshing and invigorating the body. It combines the effects of sea salt, which is naturally rich in magnesium, and algae, which contains concentrated trace elements and minerals. A pleasant bath that refreshes and remineralizes the skin.


Laminaria algae collected from the coast of Brittany in France is extremely rich in mineral salts, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. Its special feature is that it contains concentrated iodine in seawater, thus having an excellent slimming effect. It also replenishes minerals lost from the body while hydrating and softening the skin.


The gentle massaging effect of warm water relaxes and heals muscles and joints. It is extremely relaxing and also has an excellent effect on increasing blood circulation and improving general well-being.

During the bath, in addition to the gentle massage given by the swirling water, we use the effect of the extract of the swamp mud, which is extremely rich in natural minerals and trace elements. After the treatment, 20 minutes of relaxation is recommended.


We do everything we can to ensure a restful and safe environment despite the coronavirus, but your help is also needed to protect the health of both yourself and our colleagues.


  • Our colleagues take care of the cleanliness and disinfection of the area (toilets, sinks, other rooms) several times a day.
  • Disinfectant liquids can be found in the designated areas, and soaps have also been placed in dispensers.


  • Please use the used disinfectants before and after your visit!
  • It is in the common interest of all of us not to spread the virus and not to take any diseases into our families or workplaces, so please avoid grouping and physical contact as much as you can!