Szépkártya elfogadása


Booking, prepayment procedure:

  1. Login via the OTP SZÉP Card online interface as a registered cardholder.
  2. Make sure that your card is also suitable for online payment – or if it is only set up for on-the-spot payment, ask the OTP SZÉP card centre for assistance.
  3. Use the Advance Payment menu on the left to select your accommodation, or:
  4. Select the accommodation – Club Tihany Zrt. from the menu “Search for accommodation” and then select the “Advance payment” button. Enter the exact amount of the deposit and complete the transaction.

After identifying the place of acceptance and entering the card details, the deposit amount can be transferred in the OTPdirekt system. A receipt is generated for the transfer, which the cardholder can print out. It is recommended to keep this receipt handy during the trip. Please send this receipt to the following e-mail address:

In the comment field, please include your billing address (home address) so that we can credit the deposit to your booking. Thank you! (reservation number, guest name also for easy identification. Thank you.)



Booking, prepayment procedure:

  1. Please send us the name of the cardholder or the card identification number (3-4-5 digits) on the front of the card by phone or in writing.
  2. The Service Provider (Club Tihany ) will first and separately log you into the Card Centre,
  3. provide the cardholder’s “Identification Number”, name and other necessary data (validity of the claim, file number (if any), e-mail address of the service provider).
  4. the provider will receive a “Prepayment Identification Number” from the Card Centre at the e-mail address provided after the login and will communicate it to the Cardholder (by e-mail or phone),
  5. the Cardholder then authorises the payment separately via the Cardholder’s menu item in the Card Centre using the “Prepayment ID” received from the service provider, indicating the service group and the amount to be prepaid

If the Cardholder successfully approves the prepayment request in the system by the specified date (the blocking is done), both the Service Provider and the Cardholder will receive an e-mail notification of the transaction.

As with other SZÉP Card payments, the amount paid (blocked) will be transferred by the service provider within 12 working days.



Booking, prepayment procedure:

Please contact the K&H SZÉP card centre and request a transfer by phone.

K&H TeleCenter:

(06 1/20/30/70) 335 3355

Menu item 7

Club Tihany Zrt. identification code: 84005268

Please send the transaction ID and the cardholder’s name and billing address (home address) to after the transaction has been completed.


Please note that the SZÉP card deposit is non-refundable, the deposit paid will be used in the current opening year.